B I K E   C A R R I E R S

Almost every bike needs to be carried on a car at some point, whether the riders are roadies, tourers, mountain bikers or active families. BUZZ RACK, Taiwan’s award-winning specialist car racks manufacturer, has a wide range of innovative, easy to use and well priced tow bar mounted car racks.

There are many good reasons for carrying bikes on a tow bar rather than on a car roof – quicker and easier fitting of both rack and bikes, much less strain on your back, less noise and less drag, no mud on the roof. Buy a tilting tow bar rack if you want to access the car boot during the journey.

BUZZ RACK tow bar carriers fit all types of tow ball – 2 bolt flange / « bolt on », « swan neck » / continental style, removable, folding.

a clean Bike for a better ride

Muc-Off bike cleaner is safe, effective & will leave your bike shining